100 Years Or More

Hanging judge” is a colloquial term for a judge who has gained notoriety for handing down punishment by sentencing convicted criminals to death by hanging, or imposing unusually harsh sentences, in jurisdictions where the death penalty has been abolished.” – Wikipedia




Far too often the crime of child sex abuse committed by male, and female predators is down-played or minimized by family members, society, empathizers, defense lawyers, and even the predators themselves. There are many aspects that play into a Judges decision when handing down sentences. The very best individuals with the full understanding of all the dynamics, and resulting damage to the victims have the courage, and fair mind to see the severity of the crimes. These men, and women are instilled with a great responsibility, and their job is not an easy one.

However, there are some who preside over the law that have demonstrated superior judgement by passing down sentencing that will once, and for all stop the crimes against children. The history of pedophiles committing the same assaults over, over again is well-known, and documented.

The Judges on this site have had enough, and have taken the responsible action to end the spree of crimes these convicted monsters have inflicted.

This site is a place to honor, and feature the Judges that are making a difference toward extinquishing child sex abuse completely. Notable mention is due to these Judges who help change the world, and make it a little safer, and a little better by locking the door, and throwing away the key for these pathetic criminals we refer to as human beings.

The cases, and Judges noted on this site are for criminals that received 100 years or more for the sentencing of their crime(s). That is the absolute minimal to really make a difference in irradicating child sex abuse, and hopefully one day eliminating it completely.

Not one child will ever have to suffer….not one child.