When the convicted sex offender’s lawyer objected to the 340 long, and confined years his client was sentenced to, this Judge tightened her stance, and upheld her sentence. Judge Nichols had to explain to the defense lawyer that his slimy client was sentenced for each count to run consecutively. When you are such a loathing, and despicable predator with 20 felony convictions exploiting child sex abuse…at 17 years per count…do the math baby! That’s 340 years that this sex offender is off the streets. Making our world just one step closer to a safe place for the innocent child victims. I wonder if the defense lawyer thought about the innocent child victims rights when he objected based on the sentencing being “cruel, and unusual” for the pedophile!? He should be happy his pervert client didn’t get the 484 years Judge Nichols could’ve given him. A solid gold badge of Honor is extended to this Judge for locking the door, and throwing away the key for this predator. Thank you Judge Nichols for honoring your conscious, and standing your moral ground.



One thought on “HONORABLE CATHLEEN BROWN NICHOLS | Coconino County, Arizona

  1. Michelle L.Ronca January 28, 2015 / 2:10 am

    Thank u and God Bless you Judge Cathleen u truly warm our hearts with your compassion and dedication to stand up and fight off such evil in this world. Bless your heart


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