This very special Judge deserves a place held in high esteem, and honor among all parents in our country. Even the parents of the “worst pedophile in history” should show immense gratitude for this Judge putting their despicable son away for 7..yes, SEVEN life sentences. Judge Carpenter added an additional 165 years on top of the 7 life sentences for good measure. Just to make sure the scumbag EX-pediatrician pedophile never walks among the innocent, and young again. Judge Carpenter wrapped up his verdict ( bench trial) in just one day. A credit to his profession, and its standards. This Judge surely holds a view of the world that does not entertain the possibility of allowing child sex abusers, and baby-rapers the opportunity to disgust, and offend again. A Judge is honorable when he follows the law, and utilizes the tools empowered to him to punish, prevent, and stop the convicted pedophile from ever re-offending again.  The predators defense attorney told reporters that the length of the sentence can be construed as “cruel, and unusual”.  What is cruel, and unusual is the punishment the victims endured, as young as 3 months old in this diabolical case, to be forced to perform oral sex on a grown man! A trusted pediatrician no less. Its not supposed to be about the rights of the criminal. If our justice system is imperfect, let the burden of these imperfections be carried by the criminal. Not the victims. Another solid gold badge of honor is presented to Judge Carpenter for doing his job, and doing it well. Thank you for protecting the children. The world is so much safer by you putting another monster where he belongs….forever.




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