Judge Jeffrey Poulson deserves a standing ovation for taking the mother of this victim’s statement seriously when she told the judge that the man convicted of violating her daughter should spend the rest of his life in prison. This responsible, and confident judge put the rights of the victim first, and foremost when he handed down a 107 year sentence for her attacker. The statement given to the judge by the victims mother holds weight, as it should. Judge Poulson you have my respect, and the gratitude of hundreds if not thousands of victims, and we are thankful that you are in the corner where the innocent, and defenseless reside. If more judges followed your lead, just think how much safer the children would be. The gold badge of honor is extended to this sensible, and fair Judge for his courage to lock the door, and throw away the key for child sex abusers. Thank you, Judge Poulson.




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