HONORABLE L. SCOTT COOGLER – Birmingham, Alabama

IMG_1156 IMG_1156-8dbea15dd224aea1_small

The Honorable L. Scott Coogler of Birmingham wasn’t skating around the idea of a sick couple who exploited a child in thier care with child sex abuse. A whopping 1500 year sentence is a sure way to stop the couple that was convicted of horrific crimes against a child. Now, that is locking the door, welding it shut, and throwing away the key. A true southern gentleman, an awesome fighter of justice for the young, and innocent, and a real hero in this writers book. Thank you Judge Coogler for eliminating two horrendous individuals from society, and protecting the children. We are happy you are on the side of the young, defenseless, and innocent. The elusive double gold badge of honor is extended to this special Judge for his fair, and sensible sentencing. The world is most definitely safer today because of you, Sir. Thank you.



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