HONORABLE GALE E. KANESHIRO – San Diego County, California


When the defense team of a convicted pedophile requested that their slithering client not serve his sentence consecutively, Judge Kaneshiro wasn’t having it. She imposed a total of 467 years on the predator who tortured, and raped his victims. We honor this Judge for doing her job to help eradicate child sex abuse. Long, and definitive sentences that are imposed on the most cruel, and remorseless pedophiles is how to stop them from ever hurting another child again. Thankfully, Judge Kaneshiro understands this. Maybe the child rapist that video taped one of his 9 year old victims forced to drink from a cat bowl will get a better fate, and be forced to drink his water from a prison toilet. We extend our gratitude, and support for this Judge who is fair in her assessments of pedophiles. Another solid gold badge of honor goes to Judge Kaneshiro for doing her part in making sure these monsters are off the streets once, and for all. Thank you Judge Kaneshiro. We need you on the child victims side.




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