HONORABLE FREDRICK R. HARDT – Collier County, Florida


It seems that a lot of defense attorneys favor the statement that the sentence their pervert client received is “cruel, and unusual”. The fact that their client was a consumer of child pornography, therefor a perpetrator of child sex abuse is absolute. There is not, nor should there ever be a lighter sentence handed down just because the child predator “never touched” a child, and only “viewed” the pornography of child sex abuse. A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile…..First of all, how would anyone know if their shady statements are true? This is not something that could only be assumed by statements their defense lawyers made. Secondly, it just doesn’t matter. If you empower, and exploit the act of sexual abuse, and crimes against a child, you are a pedophile, and a child sex abuser. A child is never safe around any pedophile. Pedophiles are not fit for any society that populates children. They should be banned for life. Apparently Judge Hardt, and the State of Florida agree. That’s why this predator received 152 agonizing years in prison with the added bonus of LWOP (Life – Without Parole). Thank You Judge Hardt for following the law, and imposing the fair, and just sentence, and most importantly, taking another child predator off the streets of our country. The gold badge of honor is rightfully presented to this no nonsense Judge. A judge who has the courage to act on the protection of the innocent, and defenseless first.




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