caroline wall

If the convicted child rapist thought she was going to find a sympathetic ear in Judge Caroline Wall, she thought very poorly. This honorable Judge From Tulsa wasn’t buying the defense attorney’s excuse that the “system” failed the female predator because she was abused as a child herself. I have an especially hard line opinion about this because there are many…yes most people that are molested as child do not grow up to do the same horrific things done to them. Its a lame excuse for the child sex abuser to not accept responsibility for their own actions. Thankfully, Judge Wall agrees. That’s why handing down 5 life sentences to serve consecutively for this pedophile is just all in a days work. Thank you Judge Wall for seeing through the smoke screen, and never letting the victims pain go under the legal table. Another gold badge of honor is given to this well appreciated Judge. We are grateful that she is on the side of the child victims.




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