Judge Vogt wasn’t able to give the convicted pedophile a death sentence for the 100 plus offenses, and crimes against children but, she said the 500 year sentence she was handing down was a good start. The offender is guilty of violating, and molesting children as young as 3 months old. To add insult to injury, he video taped his sick acts, and distributed the media on the internet. If there was a way to give this pedophile the death penalty, this is the judge that would’ve done it. Thank you Judge Vogt for your fair, and absolute punishment of this horrendous child sex abuse offender. He wont be seeing the light of day again, and we thank you for locking the door, welding it shut, and throwing away the key. There is no use for it anymore. A double gold badge of honor for Judge Vogt for her protection of the children, and her valor in handing down a sentence that locks this predator away for the rest of his life.




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