HONORABLE L. WILLIAM DELKER – Brentwood County, New Hampshire

Staff photo by Bob Hammerstrom Will Delker from the state's cold case unit.

New Hampshire has a great Judge overseeing justice. I hope they know it. Judge Delker, a one time Attorney General cut the convicted pedophile before him no slack when he sentenced him to 100 hard years for the crimes he committed to at least two children, The judge told the predator in court “I could go on for an hour articulating how many ways you are a menace to society,”. After one of the pedophiles victims read her statement to Judge Delker, he had heard enough, and brought down his gavel with a 100 year sentence for this would be re-offender. This demonstrates how important victim impact statements are, no matter how many years go by. The damage caused to the child victims of pedophiles is immeasurable, and can not be ever truly or accurately assessed. Its permanent. So, when the responsibility lies in the hands of a person with great integrity, and moral leadership, a life long sentence is the logical step if we are ever going to eliminate child sex abuse. Thank you judge Delker for being on the team that advocates for the children. A gold badge of honor for this pro-child advocate.




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