HONORABLE DAVID E. MELLENBERG – Allentown, Pennsylvania


Heres a case that demonstrates the old cliché that sometimes “justice prevails”. Judge Mellenberg issued a sentence to a pedophile of 50 to 100 years for his horrible abuse inflicted on several young boys ages 7 to 14. Obviously, the judge was correct in his assessment, and gave the predator exactly what he deserved. However, in the defense attorneys typical fashion of defending predators, and minimizing the effects of the crimes committed by their clients, this perverted pedophile’s lawyer filed an appeal with the appellate court. He almost won his appeal. But, in the end, Judge Mellenberg’s original sentence was upheld, and the celebration his client enjoyed last but a few months. Back to prison he went. Right where he belonged, and right where Judge Mellenberg intended him to stay. Although, Judge Mellenberg passed in June 1991, we are honored to extended to his memory the gold badge of honor for standing his ground, and choosing the protection of the young, and innocent over the vile acts of a seasoned pedophile. As was read at Judge Mellenberg’s eulogy “who left behind a community that is better for him having lived among us. We agree. Thank you Judge Mellenberg for leading by example.




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