HONORABLE JOHN T. COOK – Roanoke, Virginia


The convicted child rapist that came before this Judge had absolutely nothing to say in his defense. Of course, the perverts defense attorney did. Don’t they always? But, another lame excuse, this one being that his client was “young” suggesting that a life sentence was too harsh, is absolutely no excuse. It holds no weight, and the defense attorney should’ve known better when the judge is a Professor of Law as Judge Cook is. Raping children, and video taping these violent acts are despicable, and prove absolutely no remorse from the child sex abuser. What about the “young” victims, all under the age of 13. Again, the burden of the sentencing should be on the criminal, and not the victim. Especially the young, and defenseless. Thankfully, Judge Cook must agree. So, I’m sure he didn’t lose any sleep the night he sentenced this violent, and despicable predator to 755 years in prison. There is not enough gratitude to express for this responsible, and learned Justice. He is a credit to his profession, and an asset to the world in which we live. Thank you, Judge Cook for holding the value of an innocent child above any possible excuse the predators or their crafty defense lawyers can spin out. We humbly offer the gold badge of honor to Judge John T. Cook for his wisdom, and actions in protecting the young, ¬†innocent, and defenseless. It’s comforting to know that this Judge has demonstrated his commitment, and moral obligation to the rights, and safety of the children. Thank you for taking one more child predator off the streets for good.




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