HONORABLE RAYMOND E. BECK, SR. – Carroll County, Maryland


“What kind of society are we if we cant protect babies from the beasts among us?”  was the question Judge Beck noted in his court just prior to handing down the sentence of 461 years to the convicted pedophile before him. “You’re a pedophile. You’re a pervert. You made adults out of theses children at a very, very young age” Judge Beck continued. Judge Beck is a fine example of a learned scholar who possesses moral integrity of the highest caliber. He understands that the children are humanity’s greatest resource. They must be protected at all costs. Removing from society those that abuse, and violate a child is paramount to us all, if we are to be considered a civilization worth saving. This Judge has honor among the people that he served, and should be commended for his assessment of the damage pedophiles cause their victims. Its an priviledge to present Judge Beck with our solid gold badge of honor for his contribution toward saving, and protecting children from monsters that assault, and rape. Thank you Judge Beck. You are truly appreciated.




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