When the sick pedophile was tired of looking at all of his pornography of countless children being sexually assaulted, he tried to solicit a mother to allow him to have sex with her child. This fool predator either didn’t know or didn’t care about Florida’s reputation…second only to the great state of Texas…for being especially fair to the innocent child victims. However, the Honorable Judge Daniel Vaughn was very much aware of it, and he made sure that the horrific pedophile was schooled about the lengthy sentences too. The Judge handed down a 525 year prison sentence to the disgusting pedophile. The children in Florida, and everywhere in the world are one more pedophile condemned away from being a safe, and assault free world. We like this judge for his absolute action taken to remove the predator. Its a great priviledge to extend the gold badge of honor to Judge Vaughn for his responsible, and logical sentencing. Thank you, Sir. Welcome to the corner of Legal Warriors who defend, and protect the young, and innocent. We’re very happy you are with us.



One thought on “HONORABLE DANIEL L. VAUGHN -St. Lucia, Florida

  1. Michelle L.Ronca January 28, 2015 / 2:04 am

    Judge Vaughn thank u for your amazing purpose on this earth u surely have restored alot of faith in my eyes knowing that the innocent loving children have a way to fight back through your loving heart. Thank u and God Bless


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