HONORABLE KAZUHARU MAKINO – Orange County, California


Although, retired in 2011 Honorable Makino was an empowered authority of the protection of children for over 25 years. When a seasoned violent gang-member, and drug addict repeatedly physically, and sexually abused the young 13 year old girl he manipulated away from his nephew, one would think that was more than enough to put the predator away for good. But, when Judge Makino assessed the additional acts of forcing the child to smoke methamphetamine, perform sexual acts for drug-dealers by her attacker, and punching her repeatedly in her private area, and the face when he was displeased with this child’s performance, the Judge did what every morally sound justice would do. His gavel came down on this pedophiles head with 480 years, in addition to life in prison. That’s it. Nothing more needs to be said about that predator. However, not enough great things can be said about Judge Makino. He is an honorable, and protective man with integrity, moral conscious, and complete understanding as to the effects assaults on the young, and innocent endure. Judge Makino is presented with the gold badge of honor for taking one more violent child predator off our streets for good. Thank You Sir for your public service, and for protecting the helpless, and defenseless young. We are happy to present you with the gold badge for honoring your conscious, and the public.IMG_1156


One thought on “HONORABLE KAZUHARU MAKINO – Orange County, California

  1. Michelle L.Ronca January 28, 2015 / 1:52 am

    Thank u Judge Makino for giving 25 years of your heart and soul to the dedication of protecting our innocent children. May the Lord be with u and God bless u


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