HONORABLE JAMES W. WOODRUFF, JR. – Limestone County, Alabama


This Judge from Alabama has already received quite a bit of criticism for his bad judgement in sentencing a convicted child rapist to 120 hours of community service, and virtually no detained jail time. The prosecutor in the case was so shocked by the lenient sentence, that he filed an appeal in an attempt to have the child predator’s sentence increased. One has to wonder if it was a matter of inflated ego or just plain old ugly pride when the case was re-submitted to the judge for re-sentencing. Judge Woodruff, in his lack of concern of the crimes committed against the child increased the sentence alright. But, this time he actually decreased the over all sentencing of the convicted predator which eliminated the 120 hours of community service, and the previous sentence which required the pedophile to remain in his home to serve out his sentence, where GPS monitoring would’ve been required. Judge Woodruff, we have to ask you point blank…did the pain, and suffering the child endured while being raped by this predator cross your mind at all. Weren’t you supposed to be holding this rapist accountable for his action, and punishing him for his crimes? We think not. We regret that you were given the power to decide this innocent child’s fate by not punishing her attacker. In the future, please consider deferring all cases that involve child sex abuse, and convicted pedophiles to a different court room. Thank you.


One thought on “HONORABLE JAMES W. WOODRUFF, JR. – Limestone County, Alabama

  1. R.M. May 11, 2016 / 2:42 am

    THIS IS the flip side of the corrupt cabal of Limestone County.
    ………… The other side is where innocent citizens are convicted, with NO evidence of a real crime, they become sex offenders because of retaliation, hate, jealously, revenge and “because they can in Limestone county”. The L.C. lawyers, judges, LEO’s, are all in on the “scheme” of extortion, threats of 40 years in prison, to set-up LOCAL and “out – of – town” lawyers WHO ATTEMPT to defend them, .and then threats of conviction to anyone who questions their intentions. ……………..

    MONEY TALKS,,, the Clem perp. … Look around.. Clem is a highly significant name in business in North Alabama/Limestone CO., ………………….

    . His lawyer (Dan Totten), Judge Woodruff. the D.A.’S OFFICE. ,, ALL HAD TO AGREE TO THE SENTENCE!!
    ……… WAKE UP ALABAMA & LIMESTONE CO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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