HONORABLE EDWARD J. CASHMAN – State District, Vermont


The only positive thing I can report from this case is the fact that this Judge retired in 2007. Judge Edward Cashman, a State District Judge of Vermont must have used nonsensical reasoning when he sentenced a convicted child rapist to 60 days in jail. Please note that this pedophile had repeatedly violated his victim hundreds of times over the course of years, beginning when she was 6 years old. The judge’s explanation for why he handed down such a light sentence was completely irrelevant to the crimes, the victim, or the case. His logic was that the light sentence would force the Department of Corrections to prioritize this predators enrollment in a pedophile treatment program. Really….really Judge Cashman? So, let’s get this absolutely straight…the convicted child rapist’s need for help took precedence over the young, and innocent victim’s safety, and assaults commited against her? You actually never considered the child victim at all, did you Sir? In your mind, and irrational logic, the priority in this case was to get treatment, and help to the convicted child rapist. Did the child’s suffering ever cross your mind at all? How can you justify your actions? The people of the State of Vermont should have stopped at nothing to have you impeached, as they wanted. Then you would’ve had more time to volunteer in the men’s prison programs that you enjoy doing so much. I don’t want to be disrespectful toward a man that has served his country in war, and has done a lot to contribute to the good of this nation. But, the children must come first. It’s like the old saying goes…”one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”. Judge Cashman certainly did in this case. We hope you are enjoying your retirement, and wish you the very best. We thinks it’s for the best too.



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