HONORABLE JOSEPH V. OCHOA, Marion county, Oregon


 Timing was everything for the convicted pedophile in Marion County, Oregon. His crimes fell just under the new stricter sentencing laws enacted in the state that made each offense of violating a child under 12 years old earn a mandatory 25 years for EACH offense. Timing was not on this child rapist’s side. Gratefully, Judge Ochoa wasn’t either. The serious judge handed down a 138 years to the sick predator noting that “This is the worst case of sexual child abuse that I’ve seen in almost 14 years on the bench”. Its mind boggling how these legal professionals maintain a sense of civility or courtesy toward the despicable defendants that come before them day after day. My hat is off to Judge Ochoa for maintaining his professional standard yet still bring down the hammer of the law, and put this predator away for life. Thanks to Judge Ochoa, he will never be able to hurt another child again. Presented to this Justice for his logical, and definitive thinking, and protection of the innocent children, we present the gold badge of honor. Thank you Your Honor. Our gratitude is boundless.




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