HONORABLE CAROL K. ASH – Merced County, California


“88 plus 500 years” were the words Judge Carol Ash announced to the convicted child rapist that sat slouching in his chair showing no emotion. Short, and to the point. Really, I wouldn’t want to speak to the disgusting pedophile any more than I absolutely had to either. I guess he was trying to take it like a man. Too bad he didn’t behave like a man when he repeatedly raped a young girl who looked up to him like a father. It began when she was just 8 years old. Judge Ash is the kind of Judge that this country needs more of. She obviously takes the despicable act, and crime of raping an innocent child very seriously as most of society does. We are thankful that a Judge like Honorable Ash was there to ensure this pedophile will never be able to hurt another child again. 588 years will guarantee he is history. Judge Ash protected the children by locking the door, welding it shut, and throwing away the key. Kudos to past Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his excellent choice in appointing the Honorable Carol Ash to her judicial seat. Presented to Honorable Carol K. Ash, our solid gold badge of honor for fulfilling her responsibility to prevent, and punish persons who sexually assault a child. We consider Judge Ash one of the best defenders of the young, innocent, and defenseless. Thank you Madame for putting our children first.




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