What on earth was this judge thinking when he announced to the lawyers, and spectators in this case that the victim ( a child, who by the way, committed suicide after she was raped) was just as responsible for the assault as the predator was? Now, Im sure most of us have read about this judges outrageous behavior. Its just a shame that he insisted on adding insult to injury by only sentencing the convicted child rapist to 30 days in jail. This was after he insulted the victims mother, and just as good as spit on the young victims grave. Tsk, Tsk, Judge Baugh. I am aware that you have been reprimanded by your peers in the Supreme Court, and I can only pray that you get a grip on the realities, and utter destruction child sexual assault leaves in its path. We all make mistakes, and nobody is perfect. But, when you are selected, and empowered to such a position of high authority, the standards that are held to you are much, much higher. Well, I think we can all agree when this Judge decided to err, he erred in a gigantic way. Hopefully, he learned from his mistake, and changes his opinion if he wants to keep his respect, and job. We regret that you failed the victim in this case, as well as all the other victims of child sex abuse. You are hereby assigned to the wall of failed Judges for your insensitive, and callous handling of this case.



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