Child predators, beware! If you think you can sexually assault a child in Texas, youre not only a disciple being but, youre a stupid one too. The Honorable Lisa Milchalk will make sure if youre convicted in her district, you may as well bend over, and kiss you butt good-bye! Judge Milchalk is no joke. She is accredited for handing down 2 (99 years) life sentences for one child sex abuser, and a whopping 4 (99 years) life sentences for another creep. Defending the innocent, young, and defenseless is what Judge Milchalk is all about. This judge understands the necessity of stopping a convicted predator dead in their tracks, and ensuring that will never have another opportunity to offend an innocent child again. The two predators I referred to that were granted a permanent vacation in the Texas Department of Corrections are off the streets once, and for all. We all have the Honorable Lisa Milchalk to thank for that. Your Honor, I am pleased, and humbled to offer you the gold badge of honorable justice for the valor, and protection demonstrated by your sentencing. The children need you, and as an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I am filled with pride, and empowerment by your actions. Thank you, Madame.




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