Disclaimer & Author’s Statemen

The comments, and statements posted on this site are the express personal opinion of the creator, and do not necessarily coincide with any opinions of those individuals or Judges featured on this site. It is expressly written by the creator of this site, and any quotes taken from research or previously published articles. No interviews or commentary has been taken directly from any Judges featured on this site. 

When I began this site, it was with the commitment of being as accurate as possible regarding the facts of my research. It is my intention to be as accurate as I possibly, and humanly can. However, the key word being “human”,  I am certainly going to err on that side. 

If you happen to see any information contained in this site that you are sure is incorrect, and if you care enough to make the effort to notify me of the error, I will certainly make the corrections in a timely manner. 

Additionally, if you see an image posted within this site that you are the owner of or retain the copywrite to, please notify me immediately, and I will list the credit and/or remove from site based on you not permitting it to be posted on this site.

Lastly, if you are the owner of a website or blog that would compliment or closely associate  with the subject matter contained herein, and would like to have a link to your site posted on this blog, please contact me, and I will make it happen. Reciprocation is appreciated.

feel free to contact me with any of your concerns or questions. Thanks so much!



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