Judge Jeffrey Langton of Ravalli, Georgia most probably felt nauseated at the case presented to him. Are you ready to be thoroughly sickened! Me either, but here goes. A man in Ravalli Cou Ty had done the unthinkable, and dispicable act of impregnating his 11 year old GRAND-DAUGHTER. Yes, I’m afraid it’s not a type o. I can’t imagine what the Judge, an educated, and learned Justice of the Law must’ve been thinking when the details of this disgusting case unfolded. Honestly, I don’t know how all of these Judges can sit through cases as low, and sad as this one, and maintain some sort of civility. That’s why they are Judges, and people like myself are not. However, I am a citizen, and a survivor, and I thank the Almighty for putting in place the fair, and courageous Judges to protect, and defend the young, innocent, and defenseless. Luckily, Judge Langton is a sensible, no shucking, and jiving kind of man. I’m sure nobody lost any sleep when he righteously handed down a magnitude 200 year sentence on this dispicable, and sleazy “grand-father”. If I were a grand-father, I would hang my head in shame at the representation this creepy old man does to the status of being a grand-father. We humbly offer Judge Langton our solid gold badge of honor for punishing this convicted child rapist, and for taking action that will ensure this predator will never be able to hurt another child again. Thank you very much Honorable Langton. The Children need you on their team, and we are grateful that you are.




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