HONORABLE JODY W. BISHOP, Baldwin County, Alabama


Recent case of huge family child rapists just stuns ones mind, and aches the heart when reading the details in this blow up case. I have an entirely new respect for the Judges, Prosecutors, and Bailiffs that have to be so closely involved in hearing testimony. It’s just dispicable what child predators are capable of. But, when a “mother” is involved in years of sexual abuse of her on relatives, a light just goes out in you heart, and rage takes residence in its place. A child’s mother is the most accountable for their safety, nurturing, and well-being. When that level of trust, and responsibility is violated intentionally by the child’s mother, there is no reprieve. Thankfully, Judge Bishop agrees. So, when the disgusting, and pathetic excuse for a mother came before this judge for sentencing on the child sex abuse chargers she was convicted of, Judge Bishop showed no mercy by imposing a 219 year sentence for this “person”…and, I can barely spit that word out when referring to the child predator. I want to call her an “it” or a “beast” but, I don’t want to taint this page of honor for Judge Bishop with any more mention of the child rapist. Thank you Judge Bishop for locking the door, welding it shut, and throwing away the key on this evil predator. The children need you to be on their side, as you obviously are. Please accept our gold badge of honor for putting the safety, and protection of the children first, and stopping this predator from ever hurting another child again. We have deep gratitude, and respect for you, Honorable Bishop.




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