HONORABLE JAMES P. SMITH, Madison County, Alabama


Honorable Smith did the right thing when he ordered a convicted child sex abuser to serve two life sentences plus two 20 year sentences for raping, and violating a child only 5 years old. Justice is sure, and swift down south, and I for one, am delighted to see this pervert off the street for good. The magnitude of his offences were severe, and you may think so is the Justice served on him. The idea being that sexual assault on a child is no longer something that will be ignored or swept under the rug. Countless lives have been ruined by the prepatrators of child sex abuse. The victim’s true potential will never be realized due to the effects of being violated as a child. It should come as no suprise that when an adult is convicted of these crimes against children, they will suffer the consequences of their actions. Nobody has the right to violate an innocent child. Pedophiles that do, have essentially sentenced that child to a life long suffering of despair, and dysfunctional existence. We are very happy to see that Honorable Smith takes the crimes against children very serious, and being in a position to stop, and prevent a convicted pedophile from ever hurting another child again. He has done his job well. Another hero to join the round table of Justices that have taken the position of protecting the child first. Honorable Smith we are proud to offer you the gold badge of honored Justice for your responsible actions, and for protecting the child first, and foremost. Thank you, Sir. Let this be another documented instance, and warning to any child predators committing crimes down south….we hope you land your butt in Honorable Smith’s jurisdiction when your caught!




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