HONORABLE STEVEN BROMBERG, Orange County, California


The the immediate thought that comes to my mind is “Judge Bromberg is my kind of guy!” When I think about the 330 year sentence he handed down to a convicted church pastor that referred to himself as a “Bishop” although he had no affiliation with the Catholic Church or diocese. Judge Bromberg took great note in the graphic evidence, and troubling testimony given by 5 of the young males victims. The judge spoke through an interpreter “You are a predator,” he continued “You are dangerous, and whatever can be accomplished to keep you in prison” should be done. So much for “knock, knock, knocking on Heavens door” for this convicted child sex abuser, and rapist. I have deep gratitude for Judge Bromberg, and his capacity for empathy for the victims, and his true understanding of the magnitude such a predator like this “Bishop”  has inflicted on the community, and more importantly, the children. Thank you, your Honor for seeing that this man will never have the opportunity to hurt another child again. Please accept our gold badge of honored Justice for your contribution, and commitment to keeping the children safe, and protected from predators like this. We commend you.




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