Response From Judge Regarding This Site……..


Today, I received a letter from a Judge whom I had originally dedicated this site to. His Honor had taken action against a convicted pedophile that ensured the predator would never be able to hurt another child again. This Judge’s action had such an impact on me personally, as  an adult survivor of child sex abuse, that I was compelled to create this site. It was my goal to bring public awareness, and express the gratitude, and respect I have for all judges that have the courage to hand down the toughest sentences for convicted child predators. My intentions were nothing more than gratitude, and honor for the Judges I featured on this site.

However, due to the site title, “hanging judges”  it seems that not all Justices are so inclined to have their actions or names featured on this site. The focus seems to have re-directed itself to a negative association based on the sites title, and NOT it’s content. The old cliche’ “you can’t judge a book by its cover” seems to be lost in this arena.  The sensational title of the site has had the opposite effect of my intention due to the flippant name of the site. It was purely for traffic, and marketing incentive.

I was so devastated by this letter that the Judge wrote to me that I almost deleted the entire site. I came very close to just obliterating everything I had posted, and contributed. After I gathered myself from the disappointment, and stepped back, I took another hard look at all the content, and posts I have worked on. My contributions were for the sole purpose of supporting other survivors, and expressing gratitude to the exceptional Judges. I had to take a realistic look at all the dynamics of what exactly this site meant to not just the victims from a supportive stand point but, also what it meant to the judges featured on this site for their long sentences handed down to the convicted pedophiles.

After,  careful consideration, I have to ask what kind of civilization have we become when we worry about the adverse opinions of those who advocate child rape or think negatively of a Justice that has permanently prevented, and stopped a predator from ever raping another child again? Is the entire point of confinement, and punishment designed to stop, and prevent the convicted predator from ever hurting another child again? The answers to these questions are troubling.

One point that I failed to consider while creating this site, and more precisely naming this site, is the effects that would be created toward the Judges featured on this site. I hadn’t considered the opinions, and possible stigmatism that the two words “hanging judges” might develope from a casual observer or momentarily glimpse by ones visit to this site would create. I apologize to the judges that consider this site offensive to their position or individual reputation by featuring their honorable actions under the title “Hanging Judges”. I must accept, and respect this position with a reasonable amount of understanding.

I can only assume that the political nature of a judges position should be carefully considered prior to highlighting any of their actions of what the average citizen would consider the only rightful or righteous action to be taken. I take a hard look at the agenda, and motivations behind any critical opinions or positions by those who do not share in my desire to see child sex abusers, predators, and pedophiles eliminated from having access to children, and stopped. No child will ever be safe from these offenders, and until society has discovered an alternative, and reasonable way to prevent, and stop child sex abusers, I for one, will not be shamed into silence. I am an adult survivor, and a victim of child sex abuse. I deserve to have a forum to express my gratitude to those who take action to prevent, and stop this horrible epidemic that plagues our civilization today. When the popular opinion is sentences design by Congress to prevent, stop, eliminate, and punish child predators becomes so controversial, and leans to the favor of the convicted predators themselves, or hesitates Justice by taking unreasonable consideration for the predator or the predators rights, we should all take heed, and ask ourselves if Judicial positions should never be obtained through political influence or popular opinion, and votes. I would like to quote Honorable Raymond E. Beck of Maryland when he asked “What kind of society are we if we cant protect babies from the beasts among us?”

In concluding my response to this Honorable Judge, I would like to say that I regret that I did not appreciate the freedom I have to be able to state my convictions freely, and clear from any adverse or devious agendas objectors may harbor. It is inconsequential to me what opinion is popular, or what any special interests group may think of my hardline opinion that child predators must be stopped at all costs. I did not realize how much a judge may be bound by the position his supporters, and voters take on any number of issues addressed in a court of law, and how that will effect society as a whole. Personally, I would not want to be thought of as anything less than a “hanging judge” when it comes to sentencing convicted baby rapers. But, then again, I do not walk in a judges shoes, and I do not have to compromise or balance my belief, position or passion on this subject. I had written about this exact subject on the front page of this sight when I warned that the rights, and considerations taken toward the offenders…who have been convicted of assaults, and crimes against innocent, and defenseless children must not out weigh or over burden those of the victims. I further stated that if our justice system creates burdens in its process of conducting Justice, then let the burdens of our system be carried by the offender, and not the victims. The victims have already sacrificed themselves enough by serving as sexual gratification to the perversions of the predators. If our justice system is not perfect than let the burden of these imperfections be carried by the offenders, not the innocent, and defensless child.

In in a way, it seems like I took 2 steps forward, and 5 steps backward but, I will never give up on my efforts to eliminate child sex abuse. What has not killed me, has only made me fight harder.

The final insult to injury from this particuliar Judge was the fact that he told me in his letter that he was considering lessening the convicted predators sentence. Although he claims to find those who sexually abuse abhorrent, he also states that it is his  “duty to be fair, just, and unbiased, and to weigh each case, individually on its merits”. Wasn’t that what you did when you handed down the sentence to the convicted predator? It is fair, just, and unbiased when a case is conducted in a court of law for the accused. I don’t believe that sentencing requires that a judge be fair, and unbiased to a CONVICTED criminal. Isn’t that the purpose of sentencing guidelines? If a person is convicted of the crimes he is accused of, how can any sentencing be FAIR, and UNBIASED when the jury through process or the Judge through bench trial has found the accused GUILTY. I thought it was the responsibility of the judge to be humane, and avoid any cruel, and unusual punishment. If a judge is fair, and unbiased in his sentencing then the conviction is a farse. The trial is what is supposed to be fair, and unbiased until the Prosecutor proves his or her case. Sentencing is designed to punish, and prevent. Not ensure that the actions of a sentence are fair, and unbiased. If this is true, than no convicted criminal will ever believe his sentencing was “fair” or “unbiased”. The conviction proved the offenders GUILT. So, within humane, and reasonable measures, why is there an obligation to be “fair” or “unbiased” in sentencing? The very idea, I dare say lends itself to a twisted Justice or none at all for the victims.

Maybe the Judges who hand down the long sentences are being over sensationalized. Maybe the true heros in these horrific cases are the men, and women who seek to prosecute these offenders. Maybe these are the Real heros to the children, as it seems the judges are too egotistical, and worried about what popular opinion is. It is my position that when popular opinion dictates advocacy for the convicted child predators, humanity has slipped from a fall in which it can no longer pull itself up from.

I would lastly like to say that if there are any other Judges whose name, and actions have been featured on this sight, and they would like their name and/or actions completely removed from this site, please send me a message, and I will respect your request, and remove any reference of your actions, and name for this site.

Thank you,

Carol Carmel – Writer



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