HONORABLE MARGRET MILLER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


The first post I read about the Honorable Margret Miller was “we REALLY need more judges like Judges Miller around!” I couldn’t agree more with the citizens of Lancaster County. Honorable Miller holds the distinct record of being the first Judge in Lancaster County to hand down a life sentence to a longtime, repeat offender pedophile. She actually handed down two life sentences for this particuliar child sex abuser. The predator was apt at his dispicable perversion. He thought if he targeted an older victim, he could skirt around the mandatory sentencing. Too bad, too sad for the child predator, and another victory for the young, innocent, and defenseless thanks to this fair, and conscientious judge. The sad part of any of these cases is that no matter how many defenders of the innocent children are courageous, and independent enough to fight for their protection, and well being, there seems to be an endless supply of those that only seek to violate, and hurt a child. It’s an on-going battle that we must all be vigilant about. The children are depending on the adults in this world that they trust to protect them. If we can’t do that, we have failed, and our species has no chance of survival. Thank you Judge Miller for not folding to the shrewed ways of the predator, and for being on the side that protects the children from the child sex abusers. Please accept our gratitude, and a gold badge of honored Justice from the countless who appreciate, and respect you.




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