Judge Michael Ireland was unmoved by the display of drama exhibited by the child sex offender who the judge had just handed a life sentence to her part in the sexual abuse of two young foster children. This particular case is tragic, and interesting. Here, we have a case of a woman who was in a position of authority, and could’ve stopped or intervened the abuse and she did not. Although, she did not have a direct hand in the abuse, she knew of it, and empowered the offender to continue the abuse against the very children she was entrusted to care for. Apparently, she’s also a real drama Queen. She put on such a scene, and display of pity when hearing her sentence, she made herself throw up. Yes, I said “made” herself throw up. Apparently, it’s not very hard to do. Bulimics do it all the time on cue. I feel sorry for Judge Ireland to have to witness this ridiculous display of drama. I would’ve made her clean it up herself. How come she didn’t feel sick enough to throw up all over the predator when she learned he was raping babies in her care? Of course not. That would be actually CARING about the child. We understand that the righteous Judge Ireland does care about the children, and we appreciate that he has taken this offenders passive role as serious as it is. If you are involved in a car accident or if you witness a car accident, and you fail to report it, you are breaking the law. Doing the same with child sex abuse is breaking the law too people! Thank you Honorable Ireland for making an example out of this woman’s failure to protect the defenseless, and innocent. If she thinks she felt nauseous after hearing her sentence, I wonder if thinks about how sick to the stomach her victims felt when they were being assaulted. One less child predator off the streets thanks to the valiant, and determined Judge Ireland. Our gold badge of honored Justice is again adorned this Judge’s good name.




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