HONORABLE MARK B. CRAIG – Lawrence County, Alabama


It looks as though the safest two states to be a child are Texas, and Alabama. It would be nice if the judges in other states followed the examples for sentencing child sex abusers from both of these states. What would be even better would be for other judges in other states to follow the examples of Honorable Craig from Lawrence County. After the pedophile was convicted of sodomizing a young child, the DA recommended the maximum sentence. The predators claim of innocence fell on deaf ears, and thankfully Judge Craig was on the case. I guess 297 years most definitely sends a message to pedophiles in Alabama. We think the message is clear to those who think they can abuse the young, innocent, and defenseless. And, in case you didn’t quite hear the message, take a little ride down south to Judge Craig’s office. I’m sure he would be glad to make sure that you hear loud, and clear what Lawrence County has to say about child sex abusers. Thank you Judge Craig for putting the well being of the children first. You are a man of great valor, and moral integrity. We offer our gold badge of honored justice for this fine southern judge. Child predators be warned…don’t commit your dispicable acts, and crimes against the children down south. You may just yourself facing The Honorable Judge Craig in which case you can turn around and give your butt a big kiss GOOD BYE! (And, the citizens who seek to eliminate your crimes will be glad to give you a little push out the door to get you started!) Much respect, and recognition goes to Judge Craig.




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