HONORABLE ROBERT TURK – Montgomery County, Virginia


I dont think it gets much better than this. Judge Robert Turk handed down the maximum sentence allowed for a repeat child sex abuser. While the pedophile addressed the court, he told Judge Turk that he was a monster, and people should be afraid of him. Im so happy that the Honorable Turk was paying attention. It’s not something that should go unnoticed when the words are coming straight from the perverts mouth. Apparently, Honorable Turk obliged the pedophile, and handed him 40 years in his hat. So long, pedophile, and thank you for leaving the streets that you roamed. Now, maybe the children will be a little bit safer. More gratitude goes to the Honorable Robert Turk for doing his part in taking one more repeat offender off the streets. Thank you, Your Honor for taking the responsible, and logical action needed to eliminate this convicted child predator from having access to children. The children need you in their corner. We are proud that you are serving out the kind of Justice that ensures the young, defenseless, and innocent have a better chance of growing up in a world safe, and secure from predators.



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