HONORABLE EDWARD LODGE, U.S. district, Boise, Idaho


This case is hard to write about not only because of the gruesome, and horrific details I had to read while researching the judges in Idaho but, because I personally remember this case as one of the victims was kidnapped just a couple of miles from where I have lived almost my whole life. The convicted predator in this case is of the absolute worst kind.  He is violent, relentless, and extremely dangerous. In Idaho, the jury was actually responsible for determining that he be put to death for his heinous crimes, and murders. So, this is not so much about the Judge handing down the sentence of “death”. The jurist who represent the “people of Idaho” have already done that. Still, the District Judge Lodge is responsible for making that decision official, and saying the words that condemned the man’s life. Personally, I do not agree with Capitol punishment in most cases. Not even pedophiles…Yes, it’s true…I put a lot of value on a human life. Even if that life is perverted…to a certain extent. So, I know that any Judge must have mixed feelings about handing down a death sentence. But,in this case, it just seemed like the only thing one could do. The level of violence, and sadistic assaults against the children in this case were simply unimaginable. The Honored Justice, and Recognition is not so much to show our gratitude for the actual sentence Judge Lodge handed down but, to show our deep respect, and gratitude for his service to the people, and community for taking on the responsibility necessary to keep our children, and society safe from monsters like the animal in this case. Someone had to officiate at this predators sentencing, and we have gratitude for Honorable Lodge for being the one to do this. I would also like to express my gratitude for the Prosecutors in this case, and any Public servant that had to come in contact with this tragic stain on humanity. The people that have to endure the details, and all the evidence in these types of cases are nothing less than courageous, and strong Knights of Justice. Thank you, Judge Lodge, and Thank you to all of those who did what was necessary to stop, and punish, and remove this monster from society. Your job is not an easy one, and our gratitude is immeasurable for your service. May peace find the victims, and family members plagued by this predators evil. God Bless everyone.




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