HONORABLE JOHN T. COOK, Campbell County, Virginia


This Judge is turning out to be one of my favorite defenders of children. I’m delighted to report another long sentence for a repeat offender child sex abuser. Try 110 years. That ought to stop the pervert. Judge Cook’s quote to his court at the time of sentencing says it all: “the damage to these very young children is incalculable”. Obviously, the sentence is one that will lock this pedophile away for life. Here’s my take on it: it’s one thing to be a judge, and hand down a sentence to a convicted pedophile. It’s an entirely different thing when it’s clear that the Judge dispensing the justice has a very good understanding of the magnitude of the crime, and it’s effects on the victims by the offenders. We believe that the Honorable John T. Cook is one of those rare, and invaluable individuals, and we are delighted that he serves to protect the young, innocent, and defenseless. Maybe when the convicted pedophile addressed the court with an apology, noting that he was a Firefighter, husband, and father was not in his best interest. It’s possible that Judge Cook may have had the same reaction as we do. For those dynamics, it’s all the more reason why this pervert would’ve been held to a higher standard. The punishment would naturally lean toward a more severe sentence in this tax payers eyes. Regardless of what the schematics were, the gratitude we have for Honorable Cook is immeasurable. He has the moral fiber, leadership skills, and fair mindness to do his job, and do it very well. Makes me wish I lived in Virginia. At least I would know the children are one less pedophile safer on the streets. Thank you Honorable Cook. You are an amazing Jurist, and we commend you once again for you responsible valor.




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