HONORABLE PAMELA A. RUEST, Centre County, Pennsylvania


It it never ceases to amaze me how many of the convicted child rapists are just dumbfounded when their prison sentence is handed down. In this case, the predator just couldn’t believe that he received 203 to 406 years in prison for his despicable assaults against 3 of his own family members. He repeatedly got them drunk, and raped them. His only statement in court reflected was his utter disbelief that everyone portrayed him as some kind of monster!! Yes, folks unfortunately there are many pedophiles that actually believe what they did wasn’t so bad. It makes me sick to look at this convicted predators picture on the net. But, the good news is that Centre County has the good fortune to have Honorable Ruest on the job. This Judge was not having any light sentence pass over this case. We are forever grateful to this amazing Judge for putting the victims safety, interest, and future first. This predator will never be able to hurt another innocent, young, and defenseless child again. Judge Ruest knows what to do, and apparently agrees with the majority of the population that knows these predators need to be eliminated from having access to children. No child is safe around these sick, and twisted predators. We have so much gratitude for Judge Ruest, and her actions taken to lock the door, weld it shut, and throw away the key on this child rapist. Thank you Madame for your courage, and valor toward the children. We honor you with our gold badge of honored Justice for doing your job, and doing it well! This is another fine example of what the public, and trend is toward people who choose to assault a child. You better think twice before you do your despicable act, and when you get caught we hope you land your butt in Centre County, and Judge Ruest is on the bench that day.




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