The momentum seems to be building in favor of the innocent victims of child predators sentencing finally. I present to you the Honorable Timothy L. Brooks, Western District Judge for the state of Arkansas. Recently, this awesome Judge sentence two convicted child predators to 80 years without the possibility of parole (that monster raped a two year old girl), and another pedophile to 30 years for assaulting an 8 year old child who had trusted him as a family friend. Both dispicable predators recorded their crimes on their smart phones, and both have paid the price for their disgusting, and vile assaults. Judge Brooks, may I be one of many who express my sincere gratitude for locking two more child sex abusers away for good. I am forever grateful for your responsible, and effective actions. I think this is a good time to also note HSI Special Agent in Charge, Raymond R. Parmer for his dedication, and commitment to do what he can to eradicate the actions of pedophiles. We thank Mr. Parmer and his tireless staff for helping keep the young, innocent, and defenseless safe in a world growing ever darker with child predators at an epidemic high. These honorable professionals represent the very best defense, and protection against those who seek to assault our innocent, and defensless children. We are forever grateful for your dedication, and commitment to do the right thing.




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