HONORABLE M. MARC KELLY, Orange County, California


Honorable Kelly…Sir, there are mandatory sentencing guidelines for a very good reason. I’m afraid that you failed the people of the State of California but, more importantly the innocent child victims when you lessened the convicted baby raper’s sentence by 15 years. I’m not sure where you came up with the idea that the predator didn’t intend malice against the little girl that he assaulted. Basically, what you are saying is that if an innocent, young, and defensless child happens to wander into a room where an adult is, it’s ok to assault the child because the adult didn’t go out looking for her? Hogwash! Nobody has the right to sexually or physically assault a child. I don’t care if the child wandered in there butt naked. Anyone who sexually assaults a child under any circumstances is a predator, and a pedophile. This isn’t rocket science. A child was hurt, and traumatized by this adult. Your judgement failed you in this case, Sir! And you have failed the innocent children who now must deal with this pedophile much sooner than the voters, and law makers in our great state ever intended to. Judge Kelly, I regret to inform you that you have made our unfortunate list of “failed Justices”, and we hang our heads in sorrow at the favor you have shown the child rapist. It’s too bad you are not on the side of the young, innocent, and defenseless. They needed you in their corner to demonstrate the valor, and protection you could’ve given them. This Californian is happy she lives in Riverside County, and not Orange County.


3 thoughts on “HONORABLE M. MARC KELLY, Orange County, California

  1. Linda April 17, 2015 / 3:59 am

    More important than our emotional outrage is the factual inaccuracy and ignorance displayed in the verbalizations of Judge Kelly. It’s not that he is not a capable lawyer, but rather he is so far removed from the factual consequences, physically and emotionally of child sexual assault. So far removed that it renders him incapable of being able to rule. That he can say in that the perpetrator was not a “predator” is astonishing!! News for Judge Kelly ONLY PEDOHPILES SODOMIZE THREE YEAR OLDS!!! This is not and never would be within the realm or normalcy. I suggest the next time he refers to the sodomization of a toddler as “non-violent” he should be forced to visit a hospital caring for the children who’s anal walls have been ruptured by sodomy. Or worse the morgue when the unfortunate result has been fatal. He must be removed immediately as he is uneducated enough to pose a danger to the children of Orange County. But that does not dismiss us of the responsibility of educating those on the bench, as to what child sexual abuse constitutes for it’s victim.

  2. bouncethisback April 11, 2015 / 7:20 pm

    Thank you, Eve for voicing yourself. The effects of child sexual assault are life long, and the magnitude of those effects is a life-long sentence. It’s understandable that when a Judge minimizes these effects by lessening the sentence for any offender, it’s like a slap in the face to the all victims. It can reopen wounds, and devastate, and once again result in the victims significance being swept under the rug. We are living proof of that, and although we cannot change what happened to us, we can stand up for, and voice these damages for the victims that will one day face the same difficulties we face now. Thank you again for being a voice for the innocent children that will one day ask why this happened to them, and what was done to prevent, punish, and stop this dispicable act.

  3. eve April 11, 2015 / 5:53 pm

    what this judge has done is telling all rape victims that WE don’t matter yes I said We As a victim of rape at the age of 5 I too went thru all of this and he comment of her looking like a health child is crap She will never be the same again as a 63yr old woman let me tell you it will and does affect you your whole life and how you deal with TRUST MEN she may not know why and thinking that she will not remember is a load of crap things will trigger it start giving these men the same sentence as they have given us


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