HONORABLE VIRGINIA CALLIE SMITH, Federal Magistrate, Mobile, Alabama


Once again, the magnitude of committing assaults against an innocent child resonates from another impressive southern Judge. Federal Judge Smith has demonstrated her wisdom, and commitment to protecting innocent, young, and defenseless children in a way that society can rest assured, pedophiles, and child predators will face serious consequences for their dispicable acts. One thing I’ve learned from my research is that the defense Attorneys for the disgusting predators always seem to use the flaws of our legal system to the benefit of their convicted clients. Well, the pendulum swings both ways if the Judge is clever enough to utilize this mutual benefit to the relief of society, and those who are sickened by the predators attacking our children. In this case, the mandatory life sentence did not apply. However, with a little math, and re-arrangement of the convicted crimes coupled with the maximum sentence allowable applied, the amazing Judge Smith was successful in putting away a dispicable child predator until he is well into his 70s…being 31 when he got locked up. That may not stop him forever but, it will certainly guarantee he will not have access to any more innocent children for a very long time. Hopefully, by the time he gets out of prison…if he makes it out, there will be laws in place that better deal with, and irradiate child sexual abuse, and assault. Thank you Honorable Smith for your efforts, and the responsible action demonstrated in protecting the innocent children. They need you on their side, and we happy you give service, and commitment to helping uliminating predators from our society.



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