HONORABLE THOMAS YEAGER, 9th District Court – Alexandria, Louisiana

Honorable Thomas Yeager, Louisiana

Im telling you folks, there is some serious justice prevailing down south. Deep South. The Great State of Louisiana has a history of taking any crimes committed down there very seriously. The Judges still have the option of sentencing a convicted criminal to “hard labor”. Remember the movie “Cool Hand Luke” starring Paul Newman? Well, it wasn’t exaggerated. That’s chain gang territory down there, ya hear!? With Judge Yeager presiding over the 9th District, Alexandria, Louisianna, woe the convicted pedophile that lands his carcass in this Judge’s district. I am delighted to report that Judge Yeager meant business when he sentenced a longtime pedophile guilty of assaulting his own family members to 470 years in prison. Yes, this had to be a glorious day for everyone involved. The victims needed Judge Yeager to understand, and grasp the magnitude of the assaults committed against them. It’s obvious he did. We honor Judge Yeager with our solid gold badge of Honored Justice for taking definitive action to punish, prevent, and stop this predator in his tracks. Thank you, Honorable Yeager for putting the well- being, and protection of the young, innocent, and defenseless first. One more dispicable pedophile off the streets for good. Valor, and leadership gratitude to this wise Southern Jurist.




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