HONORABLE THERESA CANEPA, Contra Costa County, California


“You are evil personified” was the accurate description of a longtime, repeat offender pedophile who repeatedly assaulted, and raped a young boy, who’s mother dated the convicted monster. This Honorable Judge, who was appointed by Govenor Gray Davis handed down the maximum sentence allowable to the child rapist of 69 years. We respect, and honor Judge Canepa for her actions, and not letting this monster slip through the system again. Judge Canepa has ensured that there is one less pedophile off the streets to re-offend or assault another innocent child. If we could have 100 more “Judge Canepas”in our justice system, we could surely irradicate the criminals amongst us who choose to violate our children. Thank you Judge Canepa for doing your job, and doing it very well. Extended gratitude to Govenor Davis for his wise choice of appointments, including Judge Canepa.




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