HONORABLE DAVID GARFUNKEL – Carroll County, New Hampshire

imageWe don’t normally hear a lot about cases coming out of New Hampshire. In fact, we don’t hear a lot about New Hampshire at all. But, this Judge caught my eye while doing some research about judges that hand down the most effective sentences for convicted child predators. There was a case in his court room that involved what else? A grown man molesting a 7 year old girl. Judge Garfunkel sentenced the creep to 7 1/2 years after the conviction. However, a few days after that decision, he changed his mind, and wanted to amend the sentence which cut the prison time down by 1 1/2 years. Just when you thought it was a serious miscalculation on Judge Garfunkel’s part, he came back around again, and stated he would not reduce his original sentence! Hmmmmm….

At first, I wasn’t going to feature this Judge on the site because it is my opinion that he was mediocre in his original sentencing in the first place. 7 1/2 years doesn’t seem like an effective length of time to stop or punish a dangerous child predator. Not to me it doesn’t. Then, when I learned that the judge intended to reduce the sentence to an even lesser amount, Judge Garkunkel started to look like a “failed” judge candidate. However, he did not actually do that. So, now I thought…”well, he just goes back to the mediocre judge status”. Nothing noteworthy about this jurist who has an opportunity to make a real difference in protecting the children but, doesn’t….really. Not much anyway. Lastly, I continued to read his reason why he tried to reduce the sentence, and then why he did not. Turns out he would be over stepping his authority in his capacity of Judge. Which boils down to……if he were legally able to do it…he would’ve. Guess what Judge Garfunkel, you actually did make the “failed justices” list on this site. I’m sorry to announce to the readers, and those that have been victims, and their families that you are shamed on our list of other failed justices that did not make the rights, and protection of the children your first priority.

I regret that you join the other judges whom we do not honor for doing a great job in protecting the children. We will continue to monitor your future actions, and hope that you join the judges that demonstrate superior abilities in effectively preventing, stopping, and punishing the growing multitude of child sex offenders.



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