HONORABLE WILLIAM J. POWELL, San Bernardino County Superior Court

Photo inset unavailable for Judge Powell
Photo inset unavailable for Judge Powell

Yes! It’s a glorious day in the Southern California! I take great joy, and pride in featuring this particular Judge because he is right here in my immediate community. Judge William Powell, a San Berdoo native is one of the youngest, and newest Superior Court Judges in San Bernardino County, and he is making quite a name for himself. A family man who apparently was quite the all American athlete in high school, and graduate from Western University. It is my humble “adult survivor” opinion that Judge Powell has taken definitive action against those monsters who choose to assault, and violate the innocent child. As you will now learn…

When the mother of the victim came home unexpectedly, and caught the disgusting, and vile predator raping her daughter, she took immediate action by calling law enforcement. The sad excuse for a human being fled. San Bernardino Counties finest caught up with him less than two weeks later. Although, I find it personally very difficult to provide child sex abusers with the fairness of a jury trial, it’s a major right granted to all of us through our great country’s law, and Constitution. That being said, the low-life predator was found guilty of too many felony charges to list in this report. I will report this….the veteran Prosecutor in this case commented that it was one of the most difficult cases she had ever had in her 10 years of prosecuting criminals. The details of the assaults in the case, which began when this poor child was only 6 years old, are so despicable that they cannot be written by any reporter or published by any media venue that has an ounce of decency. Yet, there is a light at the end of this sad case’s story. 366 years of light is shining through the message to the victim of hope, and retribution. The Honorable Powell has made sure, in no uncertain terms that this pedophile shall pay with his life for his crimes against this child, and humanity. There is no way the convicted predator will ever have a chance to hurt or violate another child again…..EVER. I think I can speak for the majority of morally sound citizens by saying…we as a community, mother, father, sister, brother, and any individual that believes our children should be protected, and nurtured at ANY cost say “Thank you Judge Powell”  for your public service, the commitment you have toward appropriate sentencing for child sex abusers, and making the well being of the child the priority. Your judgement in this case, and the long sentence handed down by you is nothing less than the action of a real hero. We have immense  gratitude, and respect for your ability to serve justice toward convicted child predators. We consider you among the very best in your field, and in sentencing of the pedophiles that target our young. The table of “honored justices” is getting bigger by the day, and we couldn’t be more delighted. Thank you, Sir. Welcome to the growing list of jurists who are taking action to stop pedophiles in their tracks. The children need your effective dispensing of justice, and continued protection.

On a side note, I wanted to share a “vision” I have for the future of the sentencing judges featured on this site. Some of you may be aware that I am quite selective while seeking out, and researching the very best judges to honor on this site. I have a hope or a dream…whatever you choose to call it…that one day in the future, the judges on this site come together for a meeting of their minds, and continue contribution to the commitment of making the safety of the children first. This can be done in greater numbers through the avenues in which they hold such great power. Their direct action can, and must prevent, stop, and punish pedophiles. These Honored Judges deserve everyone’s support, and encouragement. Let your favorite judge know your hard-lined position on the length of sentencing. It’s Important to remember that most of these well balanced, and fair individuals are still elected officials. There should never be any reluctance on a judges part to hand down the most appropriate, and severe sentencing for convicted child predators in fear of those who have their own agendas, and oppose this trend. Nobody should ever have the power to shame an innocent child who has been assaulted by an adult. Which is essentially what those opposed to long sentences for child predators do when they object to the long sentences that stop the predator in their tracks.

Voice your opinions loudly, and let your community leaders know that you are tired of the innocent child victims carrying the burden of the flaws in our justice system when it comes to the issue of protecting our kids. There are many injustices, unfairness, and flaws in society. The arguments, and causes you can take action in or stand up for are endless. Too many to get your mind around many times, and this is partly why people do nothing at all. They may have great disagreements, intentions, or convictions toward the injustices of society but, remain mute or just shrug their shoulders. There are 1001 excuses why people don’t get involved in a cause or stand up for what is right. I’m aware. I’mjust as guilty. But, please think about this; of all the many injustices here on our soil, and globally…what could possibly be more urgent, profound, and necessary than protecting our most precious resource….humanities most valuable resource, and best chance to ensure our civilization has a future? Our only resource that can, and just may save us…. if you are still wondering what the answer is, there is no hope for your commitment or support…the answer is our CHILDREN. They hold the key to humanity’s future. If we allow predators or pedophiles to assault, rape, and kill them, by not imposing the most severe sentencing that stops them in their filthy tracks, then we are just as despicable as the monsters that seek to destroy them through their pathetic sexual fetishes, and selfish perversions.

If you don’t do anything for the rest of the week, the rest of the year or the rest of your life to support a cause that helps make the world a better place, do this! Take up the cause of protecting all children. Support those whose mission, and job is to find, stop, prevent, and punish those who seek to destroy the innocent child. We are humans, and we do not eat our children, and we don’t allow others to either!! If you don’t help protect the innocent child, who will? Please do something today that will take us one step closer to snuffing out sexual assaults against an innocent child. For those of you who are “adult survivors” reading this right now, I hold you more accountable than the average adult to do something in your community to support the cause of protecting innocent children from predators. I am an adult survivor too, and I couldn’t do anything to prevent, stop, or punish the assaults against me when I was little. I was helpless in defending myself. Not anymore. I CAN do something now. It’s too late for the adult survivors to stop what happened to us. But, we can do what we can to stop it from happening to the little girl or little boy out there right now being violated. We understand, and identify better than most what that child is going through. It is our responsibility to advocate and take action. Do whatever we can…even in the smallest or biggest way….to protect children being assaulted with everything we have. In some cases, this may be the only way for you to vindicate yourself, to find peace, and healing. At least try, in a healthy way, that you are confident with…to do something to stop child sex abusers, pedophiles, and predators. 

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