Never before has a judge from a country other than the United States of America been featured on this site. Laws seem confusing, and lenient at best toward child sex abusers, and pedophiles. They even spell the word “pedophile” very different from the U.S. English version. In any event, there is one Judge that recently handed down sentencing for a seasoned pedophile that just can’t be overlooked by those who advocate justice for the victims past, and present of child sex abuse. The Honorable Peter Rook of England has captured headlines here, and abroad as he handed the appropriate sentence of 22 life terms. Which means, at minimal the disgusting, and loathed predator will be required to serve a minimal of 25 years before ever being considered for release. Even at that time, should he somehow live long enough to regain his freedom, I have serious doubts he would ever be released back into society again. The convicted predator travelled to countries like Cambodia and China visiting the poorest communities, and targeted the most absolute vulnerable of children. He then tried to publish, and sell his evil, and disgusting book, and amassed library of photos on the dark web. One sick SOB. The Bristish have named the slithering scumbag “the worst paedophile in Bristish history”. As you know, I do not publish the names of the offenders on this site. I do not wish to throw stain on the Judges honor on this site by publishing the name of the convicted offender on the same page as the name of the judge. This site is intending to show the upmost respect, and honor for those judges that show valor, and courage for the protection, and safety of the innocent children who’s numbers are countless in which sexual assault, and abuse has been endured. Thank you Judge Rook of England for setting a good example for the judicial system by handing down a sentence that will most likely keep this animal away from the children forever. We recognize the righteous sentencing, and protection you give the children.





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