How many great things can I say about this Judge? Well, I can start by telling you that he is a man of great integrity who possesses a deep sense of concern for the children in our world. Judge Williams demonstrated his protectiveness, and sense of righteousness by weighing in on a convicted child predator, and his repeated dispicable assaults on several children. Based on the length of sentencing, to run consecutively, the child sex abuser we’ll never see the light of day again. Honorable Williams made a statement, and sends a message of warning to any other would-be child rapists thinking about committing their disgusting acts in Mohave County. The bell tolls in Judicial Halls of Justice ringing in 627 years of punishment for the convicted pedophile. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Judge Williams has ensured that this convicted baby rapist will never be able to hurt another child again. Thank you Honorable Williams for your diligent efforts in making the world one-Less predator safer for our kids. The Gold Badge of Honor is yours Sir, and we welcome you to the team of elite jurists that are defending our children against the beasts that have infiltrated the innocent, and defenseless.





When the convicted sex offender’s lawyer objected to the 340 long, and confined years his client was sentenced to, this Judge tightened her stance, and upheld her sentence. Judge Nichols had to explain to the defense lawyer that his slimy client was sentenced for each count to run consecutively. When you are such a loathing, and despicable predator with 20 felony convictions exploiting child sex abuse…at 17 years per count…do the math baby! That’s 340 years that this sex offender is off the streets. Making our world just one step closer to a safe place for the innocent child victims. I wonder if the defense lawyer thought about the innocent child victims rights when he objected based on the sentencing being “cruel, and unusual” for the pedophile!? He should be happy his pervert client didn’t get the 484 years Judge Nichols could’ve given him. A solid gold badge of Honor is extended to this Judge for locking the door, and throwing away the key for this predator. Thank you Judge Nichols for honoring your conscious, and standing your moral ground.