We we all know that possessing child pornography is a crime, and dealt with very seriously. But, what if a pedophile goes beyond just the run of the mill pictures of naked children? What if the child sex abuser has a fetish for cannabalism of toddlers? As sickening, and disgusting as the very thought of this is, there is a convicted pedophile who is now serving 20 long years in the federal prison(he got lucky!) system for this very offense. The good people of the world have the most Honorable Whitmore to thank for putting this creep away. That’s right, the pervert received 20 years in prison for his possession of child pornography, and the use of the Internet to relish in his dispicable fantasies at the expense of innocent children. The pedophile had numerous online conversations with other pathetic child sex abusers about how he was going to kill, and eat toddlers. He traded heart breaking pictures with other monsters , and propagated this very disturbing desire by exploiting his garbage on the Internet. Did he deserve 20 years in prison for his acts that, as far as we know, did not include any actual contact with children? In this writers opinion, he damn well did! I don’t want ANYONE that is capable of even fantasizing about this type of behavor roaming the streets. I agree 100% with the Honorable Judge Whitmore, and I commend him for his courage to do the right thing. Thank you sir for being pro-active in taking one more sick pervert that has intentions of hurting our children off the streets. You are honored for your actions.