HONORABLE DAVID GARFUNKEL – Carroll County, New Hampshire

imageWe don’t normally hear a lot about cases coming out of New Hampshire. In fact, we don’t hear a lot about New Hampshire at all. But, this Judge caught my eye while doing some research about judges that hand down the most effective sentences for convicted child predators. There was a case in his court room that involved what else? A grown man molesting a 7 year old girl. Judge Garfunkel sentenced the creep to 7 1/2 years after the conviction. However, a few days after that decision, he changed his mind, and wanted to amend the sentence which cut the prison time down by 1 1/2 years. Just when you thought it was a serious miscalculation on Judge Garfunkel’s part, he came back around again, and stated he would not reduce his original sentence! Hmmmmm….

At first, I wasn’t going to feature this Judge on the site because it is my opinion that he was mediocre in his original sentencing in the first place. 7 1/2 years doesn’t seem like an effective length of time to stop or punish a dangerous child predator. Not to me it doesn’t. Then, when I learned that the judge intended to reduce the sentence to an even lesser amount, Judge Garkunkel started to look like a “failed” judge candidate. However, he did not actually do that. So, now I thought…”well, he just goes back to the mediocre judge status”. Nothing noteworthy about this jurist who has an opportunity to make a real difference in protecting the children but, doesn’t….really. Not much anyway. Lastly, I continued to read his reason why he tried to reduce the sentence, and then why he did not. Turns out he would be over stepping his authority in his capacity of Judge. Which boils down to……if he were legally able to do it…he would’ve. Guess what Judge Garfunkel, you actually did make the “failed justices” list on this site. I’m sorry to announce to the readers, and those that have been victims, and their families that you are shamed on our list of other failed justices that did not make the rights, and protection of the children your first priority.

I regret that you join the other judges whom we do not honor for doing a great job in protecting the children. We will continue to monitor your future actions, and hope that you join the judges that demonstrate superior abilities in effectively preventing, stopping, and punishing the growing multitude of child sex offenders.


HONORABLE M. MARC KELLY, Orange County, California


Honorable Kelly…Sir, there are mandatory sentencing guidelines for a very good reason. I’m afraid that you failed the people of the State of California but, more importantly the innocent child victims when you lessened the convicted baby raper’s sentence by 15 years. I’m not sure where you came up with the idea that the predator didn’t intend malice against the little girl that he assaulted. Basically, what you are saying is that if an innocent, young, and defensless child happens to wander into a room where an adult is, it’s ok to assault the child because the adult didn’t go out looking for her? Hogwash! Nobody has the right to sexually or physically assault a child. I don’t care if the child wandered in there butt naked. Anyone who sexually assaults a child under any circumstances is a predator, and a pedophile. This isn’t rocket science. A child was hurt, and traumatized by this adult. Your judgement failed you in this case, Sir! And you have failed the innocent children who now must deal with this pedophile much sooner than the voters, and law makers in our great state ever intended to. Judge Kelly, I regret to inform you that you have made our unfortunate list of “failed Justices”, and we hang our heads in sorrow at the favor you have shown the child rapist. It’s too bad you are not on the side of the young, innocent, and defenseless. They needed you in their corner to demonstrate the valor, and protection you could’ve given them. This Californian is happy she lives in Riverside County, and not Orange County.



What on earth was this judge thinking when he announced to the lawyers, and spectators in this case that the victim ( a child, who by the way, committed suicide after she was raped) was just as responsible for the assault as the predator was? Now, Im sure most of us have read about this judges outrageous behavior. Its just a shame that he insisted on adding insult to injury by only sentencing the convicted child rapist to 30 days in jail. This was after he insulted the victims mother, and just as good as spit on the young victims grave. Tsk, Tsk, Judge Baugh. I am aware that you have been reprimanded by your peers in the Supreme Court, and I can only pray that you get a grip on the realities, and utter destruction child sexual assault leaves in its path. We all make mistakes, and nobody is perfect. But, when you are selected, and empowered to such a position of high authority, the standards that are held to you are much, much higher. Well, I think we can all agree when this Judge decided to err, he erred in a gigantic way. Hopefully, he learned from his mistake, and changes his opinion if he wants to keep his respect, and job. We regret that you failed the victim in this case, as well as all the other victims of child sex abuse. You are hereby assigned to the wall of failed Judges for your insensitive, and callous handling of this case.



I have a personal disdain for this particular judge’s actions, and opinions on pedophiles, and child sex abusers. He has succeeded in failing the young, innocent, and defenseless that are the victims of a catastrophic epidemic facing our civilization. I’ve read numerous commentary on those that support this judge, and the argument can be made that the act of possessing, and viewing child pornography does not equal the magnitude of the actual physical assault of the child in, and of itself. As you can imagine, the majority of these supporters of this Judge are pro-pedophile. They are either a defense attorney, family member, empathizers of child sex offenders, or predators themselves. There is a a lot of legal rhetoric about the long sentences imposed of individuals who merely possess child pornography. Many supporters of pedophilia or the various associated sympathizers believe it is unconstitutional, and severe. Federal Judge Weinstein has made it his mission in life to soften the blow for the convicted offenders by bobbing, and weaving around the mandated sentencing imposed by Congress. He is an advocate for the dispicable Pedophiles, their rights, the effects THEIR OWN CRIMINAL ACTIONS have of their lives. Judge Weinstein, in my opinion, is insensitive, unlearned, and unfair in his assessment of the threat present from pedophiles who “only posses, and view” child pornography.

First of all, Judge Weinstein is very old, and his ability to get his mind around the reality, and impact that pedophiles inflict of children is most likely not good. If you are a person that seeks out, subscribes, owns, views, possesses, or desire images of children being sexually assaulted, by this I mean, penetrated, fondled, forced, coerced, or manipulated by an adult, and you view, seek out, posses, or solicit these images for the purpose of sexual gratification, you are a threat to children, and to society. It’s that simple. If you, like Judge Weinstein are sympathetic to those “passive” predators, allow me to elaborate on the many ways these pedophiles are a threat to children, and their dispicable acts of child sex abuse. The pedophiles who seek images of child sexual abuse create a demand for child pornography. There is an insatiable desire to view, and own more, and more images. It is well documented that pedophiles caught with child pornography have vast libraries of many, many images. The collections are a representation of their capacity, and willingness to assault a child. If the demand was not so high for these images, by sheer volume, there would be a measurable amount of less images created. This of course, would mean that less children would be victimized. If the predators who seek out these images were stopped, greatly reduced, or eliminated, the predators who creat these disgusting images of assaulting children would be much easier identify, and to close in on. Law enforcement would have the ability to more easily pin point societies worst offenders, who are this very moment assaulting, and documenting the sexual abuse they are committing against an innocent, and defenseless child.
Judge Weinstein advocates for the “rights” of pedophiles possessing child pornography. He has made it clear that he believes the mandatory sentencing required by laws inacted in Congress are too severe, and only serve to ruin the lives of these perverts who possess child pornography. Judge Weinstein does not believe these people are a real threat to children, and should therefor not be subject to the stringent laws created for the very purpose of irradiccating, and stopping assaults inflicted on children. As a private citizen, a person who loves their country, and a tax payer, I am not particularly worried about the convicted predators “rights” or quality of life. I am concerned that the predator is effectively, and permanently stopped. Retribution for their crimes is secondary but, it is also part of the resolve by imposing long sentences. By doing everything in his power to prevent mandated, long sentences for predators that are convicted of possessing child pornography, Judge Weinstein is empowering the continued abuse of the victims…past, present, and future by essentially giving his “stamp of approval” for the pedophiles soliciting, and promoting child sex offenders. The above statement does not even attempt to open the subject of how the victims lives have been ruined, and the degradation, and humility the photos or video of them being assaulted, and shared with other child rapists imposes on the life long sentence they have been dealt. Judge Weinstein, we have to ask what considerations you have fairly given the child victims, and if the magnitude of what has been inflicted on them been understood by you.
We regret that Judge Weinstein does not fulfill his responsibility to protect the innocent, and defenseless children. We regret that he does not comprehend the full spectrum of the after math of damage left in the wake of child sex abuse. We certainly regret that Judge Weinstein helps perpetuated the minimalizing of child sex abuse, and we regret that he has been given the power, and ability to twist, and taint the laws that were created for the sole purpose of protecting the children. Our justice system is not perfect. Far from it. But, I’ve said it before. If the judicial system is imperfect, let the burden of its imperfections be carried by the convicted offender. Not the innocent victims. We should always keep that perspective, and worry about the child victim before the offenders burdens. Judge Weinstein is pronounced our Hall Of Fame – FAILED HONOR.

HONORABLE EDWARD J. CASHMAN – State District, Vermont


The only positive thing I can report from this case is the fact that this Judge retired in 2007. Judge Edward Cashman, a State District Judge of Vermont must have used nonsensical reasoning when he sentenced a convicted child rapist to 60 days in jail. Please note that this pedophile had repeatedly violated his victim hundreds of times over the course of years, beginning when she was 6 years old. The judge’s explanation for why he handed down such a light sentence was completely irrelevant to the crimes, the victim, or the case. His logic was that the light sentence would force the Department of Corrections to prioritize this predators enrollment in a pedophile treatment program. Really….really Judge Cashman? So, let’s get this absolutely straight…the convicted child rapist’s need for help took precedence over the young, and innocent victim’s safety, and assaults commited against her? You actually never considered the child victim at all, did you Sir? In your mind, and irrational logic, the priority in this case was to get treatment, and help to the convicted child rapist. Did the child’s suffering ever cross your mind at all? How can you justify your actions? The people of the State of Vermont should have stopped at nothing to have you impeached, as they wanted. Then you would’ve had more time to volunteer in the men’s prison programs that you enjoy doing so much. I don’t want to be disrespectful toward a man that has served his country in war, and has done a lot to contribute to the good of this nation. But, the children must come first. It’s like the old saying goes…”one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”. Judge Cashman certainly did in this case. We hope you are enjoying your retirement, and wish you the very best. We thinks it’s for the best too.

HONORABLE JAMES W. WOODRUFF, JR. – Limestone County, Alabama


This Judge from Alabama has already received quite a bit of criticism for his bad judgement in sentencing a convicted child rapist to 120 hours of community service, and virtually no detained jail time. The prosecutor in the case was so shocked by the lenient sentence, that he filed an appeal in an attempt to have the child predator’s sentence increased. One has to wonder if it was a matter of inflated ego or just plain old ugly pride when the case was re-submitted to the judge for re-sentencing. Judge Woodruff, in his lack of concern of the crimes committed against the child increased the sentence alright. But, this time he actually decreased the over all sentencing of the convicted predator which eliminated the 120 hours of community service, and the previous sentence which required the pedophile to remain in his home to serve out his sentence, where GPS monitoring would’ve been required. Judge Woodruff, we have to ask you point blank…did the pain, and suffering the child endured while being raped by this predator cross your mind at all. Weren’t you supposed to be holding this rapist accountable for his action, and punishing him for his crimes? We think not. We regret that you were given the power to decide this innocent child’s fate by not punishing her attacker. In the future, please consider deferring all cases that involve child sex abuse, and convicted pedophiles to a different court room. Thank you.