We we all know that possessing child pornography is a crime, and dealt with very seriously. But, what if a pedophile goes beyond just the run of the mill pictures of naked children? What if the child sex abuser has a fetish for cannabalism of toddlers? As sickening, and disgusting as the very thought of this is, there is a convicted pedophile who is now serving 20 long years in the federal prison(he got lucky!) system for this very offense. The good people of the world have the most Honorable Whitmore to thank for putting this creep away. That’s right, the pervert received 20 years in prison for his possession of child pornography, and the use of the Internet to relish in his dispicable fantasies at the expense of innocent children. The pedophile had numerous online conversations with other pathetic child sex abusers about how he was going to kill, and eat toddlers. He traded heart breaking pictures with other monsters , and propagated this very disturbing desire by exploiting his garbage on the Internet. Did he deserve 20 years in prison for his acts that, as far as we know, did not include any actual contact with children? In this writers opinion, he damn well did! I don’t want ANYONE that is capable of even fantasizing about this type of behavor roaming the streets. I agree 100% with the Honorable Judge Whitmore, and I commend him for his courage to do the right thing. Thank you sir for being pro-active in taking one more sick pervert that has intentions of hurting our children off the streets. You are honored for your actions.




When a a father was finally convicted of sexually abusing both of his daughters for years, at age 77, the hammer of the law came down on his head. The judge Levenson rightfully, and responsibly sentenced the old child sex abuser to LIFE without parole. It may have taken years to finally get the dispicable excuse for a father punished but, it did finally happen. The fact that the convicted offender was an old man doesn’t mean squat, and Judge Levenson made sure the pedophile was properly held accountable for his crimes. Thank you Judge Levensonfor doing the right thing, and for putting the innocent, young, and defenseless first. We have gratitude for your actions, and hope you continue to properly serve justice in the future. Honored Justice prevails for the children. Thank you, Sir.



When the sick pedophile was tired of looking at all of his pornography of countless children being sexually assaulted, he tried to solicit a mother to allow him to have sex with her child. This fool predator either didn’t know or didn’t care about Florida’s reputation…second only to the great state of Texas…for being especially fair to the innocent child victims. However, the Honorable Judge Daniel Vaughn was very much aware of it, and he made sure that the horrific pedophile was schooled about the lengthy sentences too. The Judge handed down a 525 year prison sentence to the disgusting pedophile. The children in Florida, and everywhere in the world are one more pedophile condemned away from being a safe, and assault free world. We like this judge for his absolute action taken to remove the predator. Its a great priviledge to extend the gold badge of honor to Judge Vaughn for his responsible, and logical sentencing. Thank you, Sir. Welcome to the corner of Legal Warriors who defend, and protect the young, and innocent. We’re very happy you are with us.


HONORABLE FREDRICK R. HARDT – Collier County, Florida


It seems that a lot of defense attorneys favor the statement that the sentence their pervert client received is “cruel, and unusual”. The fact that their client was a consumer of child pornography, therefor a perpetrator of child sex abuse is absolute. There is not, nor should there ever be a lighter sentence handed down just because the child predator “never touched” a child, and only “viewed” the pornography of child sex abuse. A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile…..First of all, how would anyone know if their shady statements are true? This is not something that could only be assumed by statements their defense lawyers made. Secondly, it just doesn’t matter. If you empower, and exploit the act of sexual abuse, and crimes against a child, you are a pedophile, and a child sex abuser. A child is never safe around any pedophile. Pedophiles are not fit for any society that populates children. They should be banned for life. Apparently Judge Hardt, and the State of Florida agree. That’s why this predator received 152 agonizing years in prison with the added bonus of LWOP (Life – Without Parole). Thank You Judge Hardt for following the law, and imposing the fair, and just sentence, and most importantly, taking another child predator off the streets of our country. The gold badge of honor is rightfully presented to this no nonsense Judge. A judge who has the courage to act on the protection of the innocent, and defenseless first.