image Already I like this Judge because she was appointed to the bench by the beloved President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Although, Honorable Barker isn’t particuliarly known for doling out 100 year sentences, you better believe she means business for any convicted child predators. Some examples that have been consistent in her sentencing are 30 years, 40 years, and “life without parole”. Judge Barker is known for her lengthy sentencing in child sex abuse cases, and the victims she’s encountered are happy about that. Judge Barker is a perfect example of how to effectively punish, and prevent convicted child predators from ever hurting another child again. The fact that she hand downs lengthy sentences for convicted pedophiles only makes the guilty party, and their supporters object. As a citizen of our great country, and an advocate for child, and adult victims of child sex abuse, I honor, and appreciate this Justice for her commitment to eradicating child sexual abuse. The gold badge of honor for a fine leader in our country. God Bless the children, President Reagan, and Honorable Barker. IMG_1156


HONORABLE JANE E. MAGNUS-STINSON – U.S. District Indianapolis, Indiana


The FBI was delighted to announce that Judge Magnus-Stinson handed down the longest sentence in a federal case for a convicted predator of 315 years. We are delighted too. This honorable Judge has taken the best possible action to stop this long-time child predator in his tracks. The Judge has ensured this pedophile will never be able to hurt another innocent child again. Extended gratitude also goes to the many federal personnel for doing their jobs to investigate, and stop this menace to the children. It takes a courageous, and diligent Judge to impose a sentence that virtually locks a pedophile up for the rest of their life. Hopefully, other Judges will look to Honorable Magnus-Stinson as an example of the best way to deal with child sex abusers. The innocent, young, and defenseless have another warrior in their arena. Thank you Madame for putting the safety, and protection of the children first. We honor you with the gold badge of honor for your actions.