One day in February 2013 Valdez, Alaska had a visiting Judge who was presiding over a case that involved the repeated sexual assault, and abuse of the young step-children of a pedophile. The perverted, and sick step-dad had virtually made one of his relatives his child sex slave, and committed hundreds of dispicable acts against the children in his family. The no nonsense Judge Smith was quoted as saying that in all the 16 years on the bench, he had never sat through a worse case. Luckily, the Prosecutor pushed for the maximum sentence. Judge Smith noted that the damage caused to the victims was horrendous, and permanent. One can only assume that this honorable man decided that the child predator deserved the same fate that his crimes inflicted, and made sure his sentence was also permanent. We are happy that Judge Smith has the moral foundation, and great compassion to fully understand the magnitude of damage this predator inflicted, and did something about it. We are delighted to add the Honorable Eric B. Smith to our distinguished roaster of exceptional Judges that are honored with the gold badge representing protection, and defense for the children. Alaska is lucky to have this Judge serving them. Thank you Sir for your valor.