HONORABLE WILLIAM HUE – Jefferson County, Wisconsin


When the defense attorney for a convicted, and repeat child predator tried to convince Judge Hue that her client was not the usual predator that stalks children at malls, and parks, thankfully, this Judge could see the truth far better than the crap the defense attorney was trying to spew out. Honorable Hue stated: “I don’t think this is the kind of thing where you would want to risk any children, any more children. How many children do we have to give to Clyde Mattsen…I believe him to be an untreated pedophile…He is dangerous to the children. He is dangerous to society…I think this is predatory sexual pedophilia of the worst kind; it’s intolerable. It can’t be tolerated; it won’t be tolerated”. Amen to that, and amen to the 182 years Judge Hue handed down. If this is what it means to be a “hanging judge” then I wish ALL Judges were that type! We are grateful, and honored to have Judge Hue demonstrate his commitment to fighting for justice for the children, and our gratitude is boundless to this judge for taking another child rapist off the streets forever. With much gratitude, Honorable Hue, we hope you accept our gold badge of honored Justice for your responsible actions.




image Wisconsin was hit hard with a long time pedophile that abused children that were in his care. The predator was a slimy hanger-oner to vulnerable families, and finagled his way into babysitting for them. The youngest victim just two years old. It’s enough to make anyone want to puke. It never ceases to amaze me just how low, and dispicable these child sex abusers are. This convicted pervert thought he was being coy when he offered an apology to the victims family members in the court room. There was only one problem with that little charade, and Judge Boyle was observant enough to catch it. Although, he said nothing in court at the time it happened, Judge Boyle very much made note of what the convicted child rapist did when he handed down a 145 year life sentence. The Judge noted that the years he will spend in prison are not punishment enough. But, the Judge also noticed that while the sick baby rapist was apologizing to the victims family…get ready for it…..he was smiling! Yes, I wrote SMILING. Judge Boyle informed the convict that he saw his little smirk, and incredulously Judge Boyle noticed the pervert was smiling again when he handed down his sentence. Well, I wonder if that low-life is smiling now in prison. I want to thank Judge Boyle for his service to the citizens, and his diligent sentence that puts the pedophile away for life. He will be 110 years old when he has finished his sentence. I don’t think he will ever be able to hurt another child again thanks to the responsible, and preventative sentencing this awesome Wisconsin judge imposed. Our gratitude to Judge Boyle, and our gold badge of honor for putting the safety of our children first. Welcome to the circle where other Justices who are considered heros by the parents, and the children they serve to protect. One less pedophile permanently off the streets! IMG_1156