The momentum seems to be building in favor of the innocent victims of child predators sentencing finally. I present to you the Honorable Timothy L. Brooks, Western District Judge for the state of Arkansas. Recently, this awesome Judge sentence two convicted child predators to 80 years without the possibility of parole (that monster raped a two year old girl), and another pedophile to 30 years for assaulting an 8 year old child who had trusted him as a family friend. Both dispicable predators recorded their crimes on their smart phones, and both have paid the price for their disgusting, and vile assaults. Judge Brooks, may I be one of many who express my sincere gratitude for locking two more child sex abusers away for good. I am forever grateful for your responsible, and effective actions. I think this is a good time to also note HSI Special Agent in Charge, Raymond R. Parmer for his dedication, and commitment to do what he can to eradicate the actions of pedophiles. We thank Mr. Parmer and his tireless staff for helping keep the young, innocent, and defenseless safe in a world growing ever darker with child predators at an epidemic high. These honorable professionals represent the very best defense, and protection against those who seek to assault our innocent, and defensless children. We are forever grateful for your dedication, and commitment to do the right thing.



HONORABLE ROBERT TURK – Montgomery County, Virginia


I dont think it gets much better than this. Judge Robert Turk handed down the maximum sentence allowed for a repeat child sex abuser. While the pedophile addressed the court, he told Judge Turk that he was a monster, and people should be afraid of him. Im so happy that the Honorable Turk was paying attention. It’s not something that should go unnoticed when the words are coming straight from the perverts mouth. Apparently, Honorable Turk obliged the pedophile, and handed him 40 years in his hat. So long, pedophile, and thank you for leaving the streets that you roamed. Now, maybe the children will be a little bit safer. More gratitude goes to the Honorable Robert Turk for doing his part in taking one more repeat offender off the streets. Thank you, Your Honor for taking the responsible, and logical action needed to eliminate this convicted child predator from having access to children. The children need you in their corner. We are proud that you are serving out the kind of Justice that ensures the young, defenseless, and innocent have a better chance of growing up in a world safe, and secure from predators.



When a a father was finally convicted of sexually abusing both of his daughters for years, at age 77, the hammer of the law came down on his head. The judge Levenson rightfully, and responsibly sentenced the old child sex abuser to LIFE without parole. It may have taken years to finally get the dispicable excuse for a father punished but, it did finally happen. The fact that the convicted offender was an old man doesn’t mean squat, and Judge Levenson made sure the pedophile was properly held accountable for his crimes. Thank you Judge Levensonfor doing the right thing, and for putting the innocent, young, and defenseless first. We have gratitude for your actions, and hope you continue to properly serve justice in the future. Honored Justice prevails for the children. Thank you, Sir.




Judge Davis took a step in the right direction by sentencing the child predator who also happened to be the mother of the victim’s boyfriend, to 50 years…(here’s the key) WITHOUT PAROLE. That means this child sex abuser will not be sentenced to 50 years, and only serve 20 or 12, and be back on the street to re-offend, and destroy the innocence of another child. Without parole is exactly what it says, and we thank the Honorable Davis for handing down the appropriate sentence for the convicted child predator. Although, not life or 100 plus year sentence, I think the 50 years served in prison will effectively deter this offender from ever hurting another child again. Thank you, Sir. Please accept the silver badge of honored Justice for your wise, and commendable sentencing.



During my research of various hanging judges, I came across a few judges that, although their sentences did not amount to 100 or more years imposed on pedophiles that came before their jurisdiction, they did demonstrate extraordinary acts of compassion toward the child victims or unusual reprimands directed at the convicted child assaulter.

I felt that these Honorable men, and women are worth mentioning because based on their individual cases, it became obvious that they are defenders of the young, defenseless, and innocent. It is a stark reminder of the ripple effect left on our society as a whole, to the damage, pain, and destruction that the act of sexually abusing a child has on our moral values, and sense of decency as a civilization.


There are so many factors that play into the sentencing a judge hands down to a convicted pedophile, I don’t hide my belief that I believe mandatory life sentences are the only way to completely snuff out this horrific phenomena of child sex abuse. Until, we as a species discover a “cure” for pedophilia, I firmly believe that there is no other way besides a death sentence to stop these menacing, and sick individuals. No one can expect a clinical cure for this disorder until the medical research, and behavioral scientists professionals world-wide make it their first, and only priority. Lets face it, I don’t think anyone sees that happening any time soon. For a civilization that considers their off-spring their greatest resource for survival, it boggles the mind that we do not protect our most precious resource we have with everything we’ve got, and at all costs.